General Information and Connecting with Staff

I need to meet with my adviser to discuss fall 2020 course registration and other advising issues. How do I do this?

All faculty and staff, including your academic adviser, will be available to meet via phone or video call during the period of remote learning and working. Please email your adviser and ask to set up a virtual appointment.

How do I contact a member of the Advising office staff?

Please use the contact information on our staff page if you would like to set up a meeting (video or phone) with any staff members during this period.


Health Professions Advising, and Scholarships and Fellowships

How do I receive guidance on external scholarships and fellowships during this period of remote learning?

Please reach out to Dean Goldberg or Dean Morris at for information and guidance during this time.

How do I receive guidance on health professions advising during this period of remote learning?

All advising appointments with Dr Waters and Ms Glaus will be conducted by phone (Dr Waters 610.330.5467 or for Ms Glaus 610.330.3355) or via Google Meet. More detailed directions will follow, so stay tuned. For all other inquiries, please email us directly at and

As an applicant this year, will anything change with my HPAC committee letter?

No, our HPAC application process for students and alums applying to health professions school this cycle is not changing. We are prepared to conduct HPAC interviews as scheduled through online virtual platforms. Interview protocols will be refined with your interview invitations.

I am early in my preparation for my health professions career. Can HP Advising recommend some proactive steps I can take to insure I remain on track?

Yes, we can.  First, stay healthy and second, remain flexible.  Protocols are changing rapidly and your ability to seek answers on your own and versatility in responding to these challenges will be great preparation for your career!  We also urge you to READ!!  Watch for our emails and updates from campus resources like Gateway Career Center.  Check out and bookmark the professional society webpages for information on this health crisis.  Think of your education in a larger context–MCAT and GRE dates are in flux, but the AAMC and others are trying to contend with STEP 1 and 2 exams.  AACOM and AAMC have the upcoming residency match and the safety of providers on the front lines to manage. The ADA has issued proactive changes to dental education and clinics.  The Physician Assistant Education Association is issuing contingency planning for PAs and their education. The more you READ about how the profession you aspire to join is coping, the better able you will be to cope with any changes to your educational choices.  Try to reflect on and journal about this historical moment. If you feel a need to ACT, why not try to compose drafts of your CV? Seek out next summer’s potential internship programs? Consider your next potential volunteering opportunity? Read a compelling book (see our webpage for suggestions!)? Focus your energy on things under your control? Be patient, and cultivate an ability to withstand some ambiguity and uncertainty.

I am expecting to need a document signed/certified and mailed for the Common App, graduate school, or an FBI background check. What should I do?

Please visit our Forms page and initiate this process with the “Release Form for Dean’s Review/Certification”.


Disability Services and Accommodations during Remote Learning Periods

Will I still have my accommodations during the remote learning period?

The Academic Resource Hub is committed to supporting students through accommodations during this time. Please reach out to the Hub at so your message will be directed to the appropriate person.

I am a current student and need to submit documentation for a new or existing accommodation. Can I do this?

Yes, the Academic Resource Hub will continue to accept documentation via email during the period of remote learning and working. Please reach out to for more information.

I am an incoming student for the fall of 2020. Should I be sending in accommodation documentation for my upcoming studies at Lafayette?

The Academic Resource Hub is temporarily pausing the acceptance and processing of accommodation documentation during the remote learning period. Please be in touch with for more information.


Academic Resource Hub Remote Learning Services

Are tutors still available through the Academic Resource Hub?

YES! The Academic Resource Hub has transitioned it’s support programs from in-person to remote sessions. Visit the Academic Resource Hub for more information regarding specific course support. Please use the StudyTree app to book appointments or join the Supplemental Instruction or Mentored Study Group Sessions.

If you have additional specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or the appropriate Office of Advising staff member.