Success@Lafayette is a free online, five-week, non-credit course focusing on academic and non-academic skills and concepts that are key to college success.

A series of eight modules will provide students with a personalized study plan. The modules are focused on areas such as Motivating Success, Study Skills, Learning Styles and Strategies, Goal Setting and Time Management, Thinking and Analysis, Social Interaction and Diversity, Health Management, and Beyond the Classroom. The study plans are designed to engage students with the weekly material, as well as provide an interactive learning environment. In return, students receive individual feedback, perform formative self-checks, and participate in assignments. Each module contains written text, video clips, and links to related learning materials.

In addition, participants are divided up into small groups that have weekly meetings via Google Meet. These sessions are led by teaching assistants (juniors and seniors) and serve as a way to review the material, provide a forum where questions can be answered, meet other incoming students, and talk about the transition to Lafayette and college in general.

Course Completion Incentive

Those who complete all assigned modules and assignments and participate in all five Google Meet meetings will receive $100 in Pard Dollars, which will be added to the student’s account. Pard Dollars are a pre-paid declining cash balance account and are accessible via your Lafayette ID card for use at any campus dining venue and at participating local merchants.

For students participating in the course, Success@Lafayette will be listed on your Lafayette Spaces web-based portal, and from there you can enter the course and work on the modules.

For more information, contact Abigail Schaffer at