Our Vision
Guide Lafayette Students to Thrive and Enhance their Educational Journey

Our Mission
Using a personalized approach, we advise and empower students of all backgrounds to develop their individual academic experience to achieve their lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal goals. We work collaboratively with the Lafayette community to support students in realizing their opportunities while upholding the academic standards of the institution.

Our Values
Integrity – Inclusion – Innovation – Empowerment – Caring – Collaboration

Advising Office Staff

Tim H. Cox

Dean of Advising & Co-curricular Programs
202 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5080

Christopher Selena

Associate Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs
Senior Class Dean
201 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5080

Abigail Close

College Transition Specialist, Junior Class Dean
207 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5080

Brandon D. Morris

Sophomore Class Dean
208 Scott Hall

Alexis A. Smith

First Year Dean and Fellowship Advisor
206 Scott Hall

Julia Goldberg

Associate Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs
Fellowships Advisor
105A Scott Hall

Tingting Kang

Director of English for Academic Purposes Center
311 Scott Hall

Simona Glaus

Director of Health Professions Programs
101 Scott Hall

Sarah M. Yencha

Project & Office Manager
200 Scott Hall

Brandy Bianco

Office Coordinator
200 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5096

Donna Heagele

Secretary to the Dean
200 Scott Hall

Academic Resource Hub

Marty Sullivan

Director, Academic Resource Hub
305 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098

Jill Heilman

Associate Director - Academic Resource Hub
312 Scott Hall
(610) 330-5098

Caroline Riepenhoff

Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development & Academic Support
309 Scott Hall

Dennise Carrazco

Accessibility Services Coordinator
305 Scott Hall