Our Campus Climate: Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Community through Advising

Description: Cultural competence assumes that one can learn or know enough, that cultures are monolithic, and that one can actually reach a full understanding of a culture to which they do not belong. Cultural humility encourages personal reflection and growth around culture in order to increase awareness and introspection. It encourages lifelong learning with no end goal but rather an appreciation of the journey of growth and understanding. Both lead to an increase in respect, empathy, compassion and the ability to treat students with dignity as members of the Lafayette community, and the academic advising relationship is a powerful catalyst in achieving this goal. This interactive workshop will be approximately 90 minutes long, and is co-sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Committee, the Office of Advising, and CITLS.

Guest presenter: Blane Harding, Director of Diversity Engagement at Virginia Tech University

When: March 2nd, 4:15 – 5:45 PM

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