It is the time of year to nominate seniors for the George Wharton Pepper Prize. Nominations will open on March 12, 2021, and will remain open until March 25, 2021. Any member of the Lafayette community can nominate a senior for this prestigious award. A cohort of finalists is selected by a committee of faculty, students, and staff. All voting faculty, full time administrators and the student body will be invited to vote for the final recipient of the Pepper Prize.

As noted in Senator Pepper’s gift to the College:
The Lafayette Ideal is a well-rounded, educated member of the senior class who adds to a sound academic record, noteworthy participation in college activities and student life, which contribute to the advancement of the College on and off the campus. Academic brilliance or athletic prowess alone is not the criterion (for selection as a Pepper Prize Recipient).

Working with several recent alumni and the Student Life Committee, there are some enhancements to the Pepper Prize process for 2021, including but not limited to improved finalist selection committee balance and composition; additional information from the finalist selection committee describing the factors considered in composing the finalist cohort; a personal statement that provides an opportunity for more creativity, if desired by the applicant; and a more formal recognition of the Pepper Prize finalist cohort.

Nominations can be submitted here.

The Pepper Prize application is open from March 12th – April 5th. Any senior is invited to apply at

For information about the Pepper Prize, please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Heagele at