Within the first few weeks of the semester, some faculty members notice a shift in their students’ attendance and engagement in the class. If a student accumulates an excessive number of unexcused absences, and is therefore, disengaged, faculty can request a mandatory dean’s review by the appropriate class dean in the Office of Academic Advising & Co-Curricular Programs.

The dean’s review form serves as an early academic alert and will allow faculty to document and relay significant concerns related to academic performance prior to midterm grades. Upon receipt of the form, the class dean will meet with the student to determine the stressors impacting their behavior, connect the student to appropriate resources, and formulate a plan to improve in the course. If the student continues to miss class in excess of the formal warning without an excuse, faculty can notify the class dean, prompting the student’s mandatory withdrawal from the course. The deadline for students to withdraw from individual courses this semester is Monday, April 18th.

The form should be used in circumstances in which the student is very likely to fail the course for academic reasons. If a faculty member is concerned about the student’s attendance and engagement, but not at the level of a mandatory dean’s review, the faculty member should send an email directly to the class dean.

Tim Cox (coxt@lafayette.edu), Class of 2022
Abby Close (closeab@lafayette.edu), Class of 2023
Chris Selena (selenac@lafayette.edu), Class of 2024
Brandon Morris (morrisbd@lafayette.edu), Class of 2025

For concerns primarily related to the student’s mental/physical health or safety, please submit a Universal One Pard (https://onepard.lafayette.edu/). The form will direct the information to the appropriate staff in a timely manner. To report an emergency situation, please call Pubic Safety at 610-330-4444.