Two new graduate funding opportunities are still available: (The Samvid Scholars Program and the Quad Fellows Program). If you are interested in applying for either of these opportunities and would like feedback on your application, please contact Dean Goldberg.

Both programs can be partnered with other scholarship or fellowship funding!


Eligibility: US citizens or DACA recipients with a 3.5+ GPA, pursuing a full-time graduate program of 2 years or longer at a US university in one of the following eligible programs:

  • MD
  • MBA
  • JD
  • MPH
  • EdD
  • MS/MA in the social sciences or STEM (if you are pursuing a doctoral program, Samvid will help pay forthe master’s portion of your doctoral studies)


This is a brand-new fellowship; the application opened a few days ago. The 1st class of fellows will be announced in October or November 2022 (you can be enrolled at a graduate program in Fall 2022 but funding will begin in Fall 2023). S

Eligibility: Citizens or permanent residents of the US, Japan, Australia and India pursuing a graduate degree (master’s and/or doctoral) in STEM at a US university.

Remember, even if you receive funding from other scholarships/fellowships for your graduate studies, funding from either the SAMVID and/or QUAD programs can also be applied to your studies.

If you are interested in applying and/or would like feedback on your application/s prior to submission, please contact Dean Goldberg by return email or at

These are particularly exciting programs as they offer funding for programs that typically do not offer scholarships/fellowships.