Midterm grade outreach is currently underway. Various teams within the Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs are reaching out to students to connect students to appropriate resources and formulate plans for improvement. If you did not have a chance to submit a midterm grade, but you would like for your student to be contacted, please send the class dean an email. Please allow a day or two for a response.

Tim Cox (coxt@lafayette.edu), Class of 2022
Abby Close (closeab@lafayette.edu), Class of 2023
Chris Selena (selenac@lafayette.edu), Class of 2024
Brandon Morris (morrisbd@lafayette.edu), Class of 2025

If the student has a significant number of absences, disengaged, and/or seriously in danger of failing, you should consider submitting a dean’s review formUpon receipt of the form, the class dean will meet with the student to determine the stressors impacting their behavior, connect the student to appropriate resources, and communicate a plan to improve in the course. You can also recommend that the student withdraw immediately. Because the deadline for students to withdraw from individual courses this semester is Monday, April 18th, the deadline for dean’s review forms is Monday, April 11thClass deans will have about a week to connect with the student prior to the withdrawal deadline.

We recognize that this is a particularly challenging time for students, and you may be the first to notice signs of distress. If you have concerns primarily related to the student’s mental/physical health or safety, please submit a Universal One Pard (https://onepard.lafayette.edu/). The form will direct the information to the appropriate staff in a timely manner. To report an emergency situation, please call Public Safety at 610-330-4444.

The Student Support and Intervention Team (SSIT) has resources available for faculty who would like more guidance on submitting a One Pard, managing a disruptive student in the classroom, communicating directly with the student, and encouraging students to practice self-care. The website also contains a list of FAQs that address what happens after a One Pard has been routed to SSIT.

Stay tuned for one more update toward the end of the semester, where we will address end-of-the-semester challenges, incompletes, dean’s excuses, and how we can support you around finals.