EAP Video Series 

This website includes a list of videos discussing areas that were mentioned by many international students as areas important but unfamiliar when they were adjusting to college life, such areas include FYS, how to address professors, office hours, and useful technology tools and websites.


Table of Contents

Introduction of the EAP Video Series, developed by Tingting Kang

FYS (First Year Seminar), developed by Liana Wijetunga ’26

Tutors, developed by Liana Wijetunga ’26

Laf Portal and Gmail, developed by Ruben Hernandez’24

Degree Audit and Moodle, developed by Ruben Hernandez’24

Banner Service, developed by Ruben Hernandez’24

What do I call a Professor? adopted from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

The Importance of Going to Professors’ Office Hours, adopted from MacEwan University