At the end of each academic term, the Student Affairs Committee reviews students whose academic performance is potentially of concern.

At the end of each fall and spring semester, the Student Affairs Committee will place students on Academic Probation who are either first-year students with a cumulative grade point average below a 1.80 or students at any other class levels with cumulative grade point average below a 2.00. The probationary period is in effect from the date of the action to the end of the subsequent fall or spring semester. Students not placed on Academic Probation but having earned a semester grade point average below a 2.00 are placed on Academic Warning — an unofficial status that is structured to assist students in guarding against academic probationary status. The warning period is also in effect from the date of the action until the end of the following semester.

A student on Academic Probation may be required to withdraw unless during the next semester that student shows improvement sufficient to demonstrate clear promise of eventual graduation as noted below under Required Withdrawal for Academic Reasons.

First-year students on Academic Probation may not hold office in student or social organizations, represent Lafayette College in any official capacity, or participate in fraternity or sorority pledging.

A student on academic probation may be required to complete a Personal Academic Plan and meet with their class dean at the start of the subsequent semester. Those meetings are designed to support the student’s efforts to improve their experience and performance. Oftentimes significant referrals will be made to sources of assistance such as the Academic Resource Hub, the Health Centers, Residence Life, etc. Faculty should feel free to contact a class dean to discuss these meetings and outcomes.

Students receiving financial aid are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid for information about how grade point averages and earned credits totals may effect financial aid eligibility for state, federal, and/or Lafayette College aid. Details can be found at

A student who is asked to withdraw from the college for academic reasons may appeal that decision the Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs.