Normal Course Load

Full-time students will take four courses per semester.  A student must take at least three courses to qualify as a full-time student.  Private music instruction and military science courses may be taken in addition to a normal full-time course load.

Course Reduction to Light Load Within a Semester

A student intending to withdraw from a course or courses during the semester that would result in a less than 3-course load must petition the Student Affairs Committee to do so. Such a course load reduction is often accomplished with the involvement of the student’s class dean.

Course Overload/Light Load

The normal academic course load is considered to be four courses.  Minimum load to be in good standing as a full-time student for any semester is three courses.  Students who have reason to schedule an overload (five courses for all A.B. students and B.S. Science students, six courses for B.S. Engineering) or a light load (any course load below three courses) must petition the Student Affairs Committee to do so. No first-semester student may take more than four courses.  Normally, an upper-class student must have at least a 3.2 overall GPA to take an overload course.