Cross Registration (LVAIC)

A full-time upper-level student may register at any of the LVAIC member institutions on a space-available basis at no additional cost for courses suitable to Lafayette-degree programs during the regular semester.  Courses must be ones that cannot be scheduled at Lafayette, are normally limited to one or two per semester, and may not produce an overload. Students may cross-register for January term courses and summer courses at their own expense.  A student must have the written approval of the advisor, of the Lafayette Registrar, and of the appropriate persons at the host institution.  Appropriate forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.  Questions concerning the suitability of particular courses to Lafayette-degree programs should be referred to the Office of Academic Advising and Co-curricular Programs or the Registrar for decisions.  Grades earned under the LVAIC cross-registration program will be included in cumulative averages.