Students may request a Leave of Absence from their class dean in the Office of Advising at any time during the academic year or thereafter. If a student takes a Leave of Absence during the academic year, grades of  “WD” are entered  into the  permanent record for all relevant courses. To request reinstatement, students must submit through this form to their class dean in the Office of Advising. Retroactive leave of absence or retroactive medical leave of absence are generally not allowable, and any related documentation to such requests must be clearly and directly related to the term in question.

In addition, there are other leave categories:

Medical Leave of Absence

The process for obtaining a medical leave of absence is the same as the regular leave of absence policy with the addition of recommendations from the Bailey Health Center and/or Counseling Center.

Required Leave of Absence for Health and Safety Reasons

Resignation of Students

Occasionally, students will consider leaving Lafayette due to poor health, financial difficulties, or other personal reasons or to transfer to another institution.  Usually they will discuss the situation with their advisors.  Counseling by the advisor can be very beneficial to the student in this situation.  Such students should then be referred to the Office of Advising either for an exit interview or further conversation.