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  • Major: AB Computer Science
  • Hometown: Bronx, New York
What does being a first-gen student mean to you? 

At a young age my mother had to sacrifice many things so she could take care of other people; pursuing a higher education included. Being the first person in my home to pursue getting a degree means her sacrifice was not made in vain. Growing up in a single parent household is not easy but my mother constantly motivated me. She wanted me to focus on my education because she believed that it would help me become a successful person. I pursue my education not only for myself but for my mother as well. I do not measure success on how much money you make or what organization you work for but on what makes you happy in life. I learned that from my mother. She may not have completed college but she is still successful. My mother enjoys her job and she has raised two driven young women who are living on the dream she has mapped out for us; an education and genuine happiness. To me being a first-gen student means I am an example that people in my similar situation can do anything they put their minds to. 

Why are you excited to be a first-gen mentor?

In high school I participated in a similar program called Big Sib. In this program I worked closely with underclassmen. I enjoyed the experience. I not only was able to teach the freshman and sophomore valuable tools they could use with them in school and in general life; I also learned from them. The relationship and bonds that I created with these students were amazing and they are relationships that I still have till this day. As a first-gen mentor I hope to create similar bonds. I want to be able to show other students that are in a similar situation as mine that they are not alone. Overall I am excited to be a mentor and can not wait to build relationships and be an extra motivation to my mente/es.