Other Titles

  • Major: Anthropology & Sociology and Psychology Minor: Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Hometown: NYC
What does being a first-gen student mean to you?

Being a first-generation student to me means more than just being the first in my family to attend college. For me, it has been a journey of learning and growing as a student and also as a person, a journey where I give myself credit for every step taken, because the fact that I am able to pursue my education is already a reason to be proud of the progress I have made. I have encountered many obstacles, but I work hard to succeed like my peers. 

Why are you excited to be a first-gen mentor?

Because I understand how important it is to belong to a community of first-gen students that share a similar background. Throughout my years at Lafayette I have encountered many people who have helped me and guided me, have kindly shared their experiences with me, and have been awesome role models. Meeting people like me has made me feel less alone and has motivated me to keep working hard. I am excited and cannot wait to offer the same guidance and friendship to my mentee.