Dear Faculty Colleagues,
Below are some updates from the Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs: 

Advising Updates

Dean’s Review Form We are still accepting dean’s review submissions. Upon receipt of the form, the class dean will meet with the student to determine the stressors impacting their behavior, connect the student to appropriate resources, and formulate a plan to make it through the rest of the semester successfully.

Scenarios and Advising and Teaching (December 12th at noon) – What’s on your mind? How can we work together to ensure that students are making the most out of their educational experiences? Our focus for this conversation will be on “End-of-semester Support” Please contact Tim Cox ( with suggestions for scenarios or topics. Space is limited, so please RSVP by Friday, December 9. An official schedule for spring ’23 will be shared in January.

Health Professions – Students are reminded that advising appointments are a great way to get them started on their health professions journey. To schedule an appointment, they can come by our offices in 218 RISC (Prof. Nancy Waters, and 101 Scott Hall (Ms. Simona Glaus, or email us directly to schedule your advising session with us. Additionally, they can let us know about their interest in health professions by emailing us at They can access the information about course requirements and considerations for medical, dental, veterinary and optometry school HERE! Also, we have a few new book titles in our HP library! Students can access our current list of references at this link. If they are interested in a particular book, they can check it out in our office located in 101 Scott Hall.

Scholarships and Fellowships Opportunities Please encourage your students, regardless of class year or GPA to consider the myriad opportunities available to them through scholarship and fellowship programs. Additionally, we encourage you to refer students to us directly by email. It is never too early (only too late) for students to get started. Students are encouraged to simply stop by 105 Scott Hall or to email Dean Goldberg to make an appointment. Dean Goldberg will help them identify opportunities and assist them throughout their journey. Sample lists of opportunities by class year are available on our website.

Please see the attached listings of upcoming deadlines for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. 

Class Dean support – The class deans are your partners in fostering student success! 

Additional Resources

Academic Resource Hub – Encourage students to make Supplemental Instruction, Mentored Study Group and Drop-In Sessions part of their weekly routine for the courses that have those support structures. The Hub’s data indicates that students using these resources on average will have a 0.1 grade higher than those not utilizing the resource. Schedules are available from the course faculty and are posted in TutorTrac. Sessions are for all students and it’s not too late for students to make these sessions part of their weekly schedule.  

Planning is underway for academic support for Spring 2023 courses.  We are starting to recruit and will be contacting specific departments over the next week to confirm support structures. We have grown our tutor roster to over 56 tutors supporting over 50 courses.  If you would like tutor support for a course you are teaching this spring, send an email to and we will follow up with you.

Accessibility Services – Students registered with Accessibility Services have been reminded to request their Letter of Accommodation: a document provided by Accessibility Services which outlines the reasonable accommodations that are to be provided to the student. The letter is sent electronically to each instructor and the student is responsible for communicating directly with each faculty member regarding the accommodations and how the accommodations apply to the course. Please contact Marty Sullivan with any questions.

Multi-language Learner Academic Support The English for Academic Purposes Center aims to equip English learners with the reading, writing, and oral communication skills and the knowledge of US culture necessary to succeed at college. You can go to the center’s website to view a full list of the programs to share with your students. 

The online magazine Global Expressions: Writing Beyond the Mother Tongue is calling for paper submissions. Especially, if you are teaching a writing class, please encourage your multi-language students to submit their second language writings or become a contributor to the magazine!

When advising international students, cultural differences as well as communication barriers can make it challenging for both student and advisor. Please check out a sample advising syllabus developed for Lafayette advisors and some tips summarized for successful communication with international students. You can also find teaching suggestions for working with multilingual students posted on the center’s website. Please feel free to contact Tingting Kang at with any questions. 

Student Academic Resources – CITLS, in partnership with several offices, has created a one-stop-spot for academic resources. Students and faculty can find information regarding accessibility services, tutoring, advising/registration, healthy living, and more! Please bookmark this site, and share this information with your students. 

Student-Athlete Academic SupportAthletics offers a range of services to student-athletes who have the dual challenge of performing well in the classroom while maintaining a commitment to Division I athletics. The Peer Mentor program matches first-year student-athletes with experienced athletes for weekly mentoring and guidance. In addition, semester-long academic coaching is provided to support select student-athletes in a variety of areas. The Structured Study program is available to all student-athletes to assist with time management and to take advantage of studying during the academic day. Lastly, student-athletes who don’t personally own a laptop may rent equipment at no cost when traveling to competitions. Please contact Carly Riepenhoff with any questions or concerns regarding student-athletes.


Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs