As part of a broader academic community dedicated to acquiring and advancing knowledge, Lafayette students, faculty, and staff have responsibility for upholding and enforcing the value of Academic Integrity. When an instructor  suspects a violation of the principles of academic integrity, the instructor is obligated to report their concern to the associate dean of Advising and Co-curricular programs for further review, investigation, and adjudication. The instructor should prepare the academic integrity referal in the following manner. 

Faculty who suspect that a student violated the Student Code of Conduct – Academic Integrity Policies should:

  • Compile and annotate the materials in question
  • Request that a departmental colleague, department head, or program chair review the questionable materials and provide a second opinion as to whether a violation is likely to have occurred
  • Assemble other materials and files that will be needed by the Case Administrator including: the course syllabus, comparison sources, etc.
  • Complete the Academic Conduct Complaint form, attach all relevant materials and documentation, and submit to the Office of Advising

The Case Administrator  assigned to the case will be in contact with the submitting instructors to confirm receipt of the complaint materials, ask and respond to any questions, and provide an overview of the process moving forward. A complete overview of the student role in the process may be found in the Student Handbook.

Submit an academic conduct referal to the Office of Advising.