Dear Faculty Colleagues,

We’re more than halfway through the semester! The Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs has put together some information and resources that we hope will be helpful during the registration and midterm outreach processes. 

  • Spring Registration –  If you have not already, please develop a plan to connect with your advisees. Registration dates and times go as follows:

Class of 2024 – November 8 at 7 am ET

Class of 2025 – November 10 at 7 am ET

Class of 2026 – November 15 at 7 am ET

Class of 2027 – November 17 at 7 am ET

Visit the Registrar’s webpage for more information regarding spring registration. 

  • Registration Support – The Class Deans will be offering Banner 9 Tutorial Drop-in Sessions in order to assist students in learning the platform and prepare for registration. Please direct your students to one of the drop-in sessions if they have questions. 

11/7 & 11/9

Session 1: 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Session 2: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Location: Scott Hall 104 – students can drop in at any point during the time block 

  • Scenarios in Advising (Midterm Grades/Deans Reviews/Withdrawals) – The class deans are your partners in fostering student success! Join us on Tuesday, November 7 at noon for lunch and to discuss scenarios related to advising and student support over the next few weeks. We’ll meet in Skillman 003 and food will be available while supplies last.  Click HERE for the calendar link.  
  • Dean’s Review Form – The dean’s review serves as an early academic alert that allows faculty to document and relay significant concerns related to academic performance prior to midterm grades. Upon receipt of the form, the class dean will meet with the student to determine the stressors impacting their behavior, connect the student to appropriate resources, and formulate a plan to improve in the course. If the student continues to miss class in excess of the formal warning without an excuse, faculty can notify the class dean, prompting the student’s mandatory withdrawal from the course. The deadline for students to withdraw from individual courses this semester is Tuesday, November 14th.

Academic Resource HubIt’s not too late to encourage students to strengthen their course knowledge by attending Supplemental Instruction or Mentored Study Groups.  Leaders will be planning in preparation of final exams.  Sessions are facilitated weekly until December 8th. No sessions over Thanksgiving break. Students can find the resources associated with supported classes in TracCloud!

Would students in your upcoming spring course benefit from the learning engagements offered by the Hub’s academic support structures? We have begun making those arrangements and setting up those support structures for Spring 2024. Faculty are welcome to contact, Jill Heilman, with any questions or to learn more about the Hub’s support for specific courses

If you have students that you think would make great Peer Educators or SI Leaders, please direct them to our office. For consideration to be a Peer Educator or SI Leader for spring 2024, student’s need to submit the Hub’s application. Positions will be filled throughout the month of November and December.  Email with any questions. 


Accessibility Services Students registered with Accessibility Services will be receiving an email regarding Final Exam proctoring requests at the Hub. When requesting final exam dates and times for proctoring at the Hub, students are expected to request the date and time posted in the Final Exam Schedule. Alternate dates/times need approval of faculty.

Health Professions – If you have students expressing interest in a career in Health Professions, please encourage them to review our HP website here. You can direct them to alert us of their interest by emailing us at Information about our upcoming Health Professions events can be found on our HP website at this link. We will be adding new programs as they become finalized. 

Multi-language Learner Academic Support The English for Academic Purposes Center will continue to provide academic support services for multi-language learners. Such services include workshops, ENG100 class, the Conversation PARDner Program, one-on-one English language tutoring sessions, the center’s Spaces site for language learning materials, etc. 

The online magazine Global Expressions: Writing Beyond the Mother Tongue is calling for paper submissions. Especially, if you are teaching a writing class, please encourage your multi-language students to submit their second language writings or become a contributor to the magazine. Also, the 2023-24 writing contest is now accepting submissions. Click here to read more about the topics and requirements for this year’s contest. Contact the magazine editor, Julie Schramm at if you have any questions!

To better support the incoming first-year international students transitioning to academic life in the U.S., the EAP Center is offering a new program called EAP First Year Institute, where we will be discussing topics including campus resources, academic writing and reading, U.S. classroom, ChatGPT, academic integrity, college academic technology tools, and cultural diversity. Please encourage your students to sign up. Here is a link to the program flyer. 

When advising international students, cultural differences as well as communication barriers can make it challenging for both student and advisor. Please check out the Four-Year Academic Success Plan for International Students, a sample advising syllabus developed for Lafayette advisors, some tips summarized for successful communication with international students, and a series of videos discussing areas that were mentioned by many international students as areas important but unfamiliar when they were adjusting to college life. 

You can also find teaching suggestions for working with multilingual students posted on the center’s website. Please contact Tingting Kang at with any questions. 

Scholarships & Fellowships Office – Please encourage students to make an appointment to meet with Dean Goldberg at to learn about different scholarship and fellowship opportunities regardless of their class year. The earlier students are made aware of the diverse opportunities available to them, the earlier and better prepared they are to put forward competitive applications. Additionally, we encourage you to check out our Office website to explore the myriad opportunities available. 

Student-Athlete Academic Support – Athletics offers a range of services to student-athletes who have the dual challenge of performing well in the classroom while maintaining a commitment to Division I athletics. The Peer Mentor program matches first-year student-athletes with experienced athletes for weekly mentoring and guidance. In addition, semester-long academic coaching is provided to support select student-athletes in a variety of areas. Study Flex is available to all student-athletes to assist with time management and to take advantage of studying during the academic day. Lastly, student-athletes who don’t personally own a laptop may rent equipment at no cost when traveling to competitions. Please contact Carly Riepenhoff with any questions or concerns regarding student-athletes.

 See you in a few weeks,

Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs